Kanye West Defends Kim Kardashian Against Drake, Nick Cannon

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West in 2016 | Jamie McCarthy  Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West in 2016 | Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

"There's a couple things that I want to address", Kanye said in the first video he posted.

In a series of videos, which were posted to his social accounts on Thursday (Sept. 20), the rap mogul defended Kim Kardashian West against comments made by Nick Cannon and rumors that she slept with Drake. Nick Cannon got involved in the rant when he was asked about Kim Kardashian possibly being "Kiki" during an interview, as Canon was previously dating the reality star before she and West got into a relationship. Like, I understand that you used to date my wife, but you know you give an interview don't mention my wife.

"Now what I am looking for spirit to take accountability is the fact that it's people making rumours that are saying you f-ed my wife, well that don't sit well with my spirit", said West. "Yeah I told you that if I wasn't in a medicated state, I might've had the thoughts to.to say, 'Hey Pusha don't diss Drake on my beat.' And I spoke about that and took accountability for that". "So, period is like don't speak on nobody from my family, nothing that can be mentioned on my wife, period!"

"I didn't tell Pusha no information about your baby or baby mama, that didn't come from me", he added, claiming he did not start the controversy regarding Drake's secret son.

He also takes aim at model Tyson Beckford who body shamed Kim Kardashian, for being unimpressed with her figure, and then expressed that he wants any issues between them to be squashed. "What is you talking about? You know where that come from", said West.

"Me and Chance are working on a new album", the father of three told the excited crowd. "I'm married, we in love, we a family". We'll come to a resolution. It ain't like y'all get on the phone, so I had to express it to you like this.

For those who don't know, Kanye is referring to Cannon's latest feature on Complex's "Everyday Struggle", when the Wild'n Out creator chose to amp up the alleged beef between Kanye and Drake over some controversial lyrics.

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