Jet Airways plane turns back after passengers suffer nose, ear bleeds

Over 30 Jet Airways passengers bleed mid-air by crew negligence

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A Mumbai-Jaipur Jet Airways flight had to be turned back Wednesday as several passengers suffered nasal and ear bleeding issues allegedly due to the failure of the cock-pit crew to maintain cabin pressure, a DGCA official said.

In a horrifying experience, passengers on Mumbai-Jaipur Jet Airways flight left petrified as the cabin pressure dropped alarming inside the flight soon after it took off for its destination.

As the plane climbed, the cabin rapidly started losing pressure, forcing the plane to turn back, and some passengers were injured.

A statement from a Jet Airways spokesperson confirmed that Income-Tax officials are conducting a survey at Jet Airways' office. Subsequently, the probe was transferred to the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB), which is tasked to investigate serious incidents and accidents. "Some of us experienced nose bleeding and headache", he told news agency ANI. Doctors are now attending all the passengers on the Mumbai airport. "No announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask", one person wrote, as he posted photos of himself inside the plane and on the tarmac after the aircraft landed. "In the next five minutes, the air pressure had dropped so much that the oxygen masks came down automatically", Hathi said. All guests were deplaned safely.

Videos tweeted by passengers aboard the plane showed oxygen masks deployed inside the aircraft. It also said that the cabin crew has been taken off scheduled duty pending investigation. "The airline is making alternative flight arrangements for guests on this flight", the airline said. They are being treated by airport doctors. Out of 166 passengers on board, 30 passengers are affected who have nose bleeding, few have ear bleeding and some are complaining headache. "This is an unfortunate incident".

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