IPhone XS and XS Max review

Here's How Xiaomi Mocked Apple For Steep Pricing Of New iPhones

Why getting one of the new iPhones might not be worth it

As reported by MacRumors, these three new iPhones recently made a pass through China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for approval ahead of launch.

Coming to the iPhone XR, this is where we have a big problem, one which nobody seems to be talking about.

Still, Apple promises better endurance than previous year, probably due to the more efficient 7nm A12 Bionic chip. As a whole, the iPad Mini is still larger and heavier than the iPhone XS Max, as it has a different form factor, aspect ratio, and extra room around the display for the camera and home button, but it's interesting to see how close the two display sizes are.

iPhone Xr comes with a colossal 6.1-inch display that boasts a resolution of 828x1792.

With a score of 11,515 on Geekbench multicore, the iPhone XS Max fares better than a Retina MacBook Pro with a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU at 2.6GHz, and easily beating a 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro with dual-core Intel Core i7 at 3.5GHz.

Back in 2012, the largest iPhone you could get - the iPhone 5 - had a screen that measured just four inches diagonally.

Apple's shares were last up 1.4 percent at $220.93 in early trading.

He said the phones' screens offer better colour precision, a faster camera with 4K abilities, and a more accurate Facial ID to unlock the phone. According to him, he has been queuing up for the latest iPhone models for years and this is his first time to be No.1 in the queue. Many people online are touting the iPhone XR as revolutionary due to it's lower price, but it's still a phone that costs over 700$ US.

The absence of a striking new feature left major tech blogs and newspapers lukewarm on the new XS range of Apple Inc's iPhones in the first batch of reviews on Tuesday, although most praised the improvements to a wide range of standard features. "And so if you look at it, the phone has replaced your digital camera.it's replaced your video camera, ". On Etisalat's website, their iPhone XS payment plan starts at Dh185 per month payable in two years. Further, the iPhone XR, the most affordable in the new line, used battery 2940 mAh, which is actually sad. Maybe we'll see an iPhone X-style redesign at some point (I think it would have to be called iPhone XSE - a.k.a. "iPhone Tennessee" - as it most certainly could not be called iPhone SEX).

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