Man uses toddler to steal Nintendo consoles from arcade machine

Police in Salem New Hampshire are looking for a man they say had a small toddler climb into an arcade-style to steal several items

Police Man Used Toddler to Steal Prizes from Mall Arcade Game Salem NH Police Department17 Sep 2018

In an astonishing and disturbing example of training children in thievery, last Friday night, according to police in Salem, New Hampshire, a man used a small female toddler to actually climb inside an arcade game to steal prizes.

On September 14th, police responded to the Mall at Rockingham Park, N.H. Police were told by several witnesses who filmed the incident, that a man was using his child to steal items out of a KeyMaster vending machine. A young boy, who police say is between 5 to 7 years old, appeared to be next to the suspect while the incident took place.

Police say the suspect is a white Hispanic male believed to be between 20 and 30 years old.

Hannah Forese, a hostess at a restaurant across from the machine called, mall security after she heard customers talking about the arcade game heist.

She said the group calmly walked off with their loot, which included a Nintendo Switch and a Gameboy DS. The video has intentionally been blurred out to protect the identity of the involved children.

The Union Leader noted, "The machine in question was a BarBerCut Lite, produced by BANDAI NAMCO Amusement America, Inc".

It wasn't clear what the items were, but such games often offer valuable electronics and gift cards.

The police also asked people to contact Detective Dempsey at 603-890-2343 if they wished to provide information or to simply leave a message on Facebook.

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