Yes, you should care about the Waffle House index

How Waffle House can be a gauge of hurricane severity

Traffic flashes by breakfast diners a a Waffle House near Dawsonville Ga. Thursday

As Florence begins to batter the East Coast, restaurant chains like Bojangles are bracing for the worst of impacts in the direct path of the storm. When a location is closed, the index is red, which is quite rare.

"If we are open quickly after the storm, that means the community is coming back and folks are out, we are getting back to that sense of normalcy", Warner told CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday. Really. This is because the restaurant is known for staying open through nearly anything - from a storm to a holiday.

The Southern breakfast chain, which is open 24 hours a day all year, activated a storm center to monitor the Category 2 hurricane.

So remember, if you're in the middle of a natural disaster but you see an open Waffle House, you're actually completely and totally safe, and you should go have some waffles.

It's a real thing - and the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses it.

But Waffle House is different - so different, in fact, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency actually pays close attention to which restaurants the company decides to close during a hurricane or other disaster.

Waffle House is headquartered in Georgia, and has more than 2,000 restaurants, majority in the South.

Waffle House is used as an example of how quickly a business, and therefore a community, may recover from a storm. FEMA has since developed a color-coded system that is dependent on Waffle House's status.

As the restaurant's storm center zeroes in on which restaurants may have to close, Waffle House corporate has some fighting word for Florence that they offered on Wednesday via tweet: "Hey Flo..." We call it red. "You haven't found the bad stuff yet", Fugate said on NPR. The Savannah Hwy. Waffle House just over the bridge in West Ashley remains open - when we called this morning they didn't even offer a hello, but instead answered with "yes we are open with a limited menu so come on in!" The sooner restaurants, grocery stores, and banks re-open - the sooner the local economy and recovery restart. Those evacuations apply to Waffle House employees, too. "Within the occasion that they're originate however luxuriate in a restricted menu, that is yellow", he talked about. We have 250 restaurants, and we are monitoring resources so they can roll in right after the storm.

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