Pokemon Developer Game Freak Reveals New Switch IP Named Town

Town’ is a New Game from Pokémon Dev GameFreak

New RPG By Game Freak Called Town Is Headed To Switch In 2019

A game that essentially takes place in just one village may seem small in scope, but odds are that village is packed with secrets and surprises to find throughout your journey.

GameFreak, the creators of the Pokémon video game series, has announced a brand new RPG IP with the working title, Town. From what we gather based on the very, very (very) limited information available about Town at this time, it appears that the game will utilize a kind of Suikoden-like party system. It's unclear whether or not this is a special ability you need to unlock, as Nez is also shown to have a standard selection of abilities including "Elude" and "Heavy Punch". While it is an RPG, that's about the only thing that Town has in common with Game Freak's other main franchise.

You can enjoy the reveal trailer for Town below. While they're best known for Pokémon, Game Freak has released other fun titles in the past including Drill Dozer, HarmoKnight, and Pocket Card Jockey, to name just a few.

We certainly didn't see this game coming, but Town sounds interesting even before you realize that this game is being worked on by an incredibly talented group of designers and developers. Players will be able to enlist other townspeople to help in hard battles.

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