Experts disagree on whether Dallas officer could be credible



In response to the shooting and subsequent events, dozen of protesters marched Friday night from the Dallas Police Department on South Lamar Street north, toward the Dallas Morning News, FOX 4, and WFAA buildings downtown, according to ABC News affiliate WFAA.

Officer Amber Guyger, who turned herself in to the Kaufman County Jail Sunday, remains on administrative leave. He was black. The officer was white. Jean was home alone when Guyger, still in uniform after her shift, entered his apartment, Dallas police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall said.

Jean's death 10 days ago is the latest in a long line of police killings, but one slight consolation is that the extreme circumstances of it have at least served to highlight the troubling recourse to deadly violence that is an all-too-common... A grand jury has convened. PERIOD. Botham Jean should still be alive and Black.

The station interviewed an attorney not connected to the case, who said, "I'm not saying Mr. Jean is a bad guy because he had some marijuana in his apartment, but it could help add some explanation to this insane case". But if we're looking for explanations and complexity, why have the Dallas police not released information regarding warrants to search Guyger's apartment, or even revealed whether they sought one?

"I'm calling on the Dallas officials", said Jean, who lives in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where she was a government official.

Mulder and other legal experts say investigators would not want to risk evidence being thrown out because they did not include it in the search warrant.

"The Dallas Police Department investigators were interested specifically in finding information that could help assassinate his character", attorney Lee Merritt told reporters. "You get the warrant out of an abundance of caution and you list in the warrant anything that could possibly be relevant ... so that nobody can complain about it later". The search warrant states that when Guyger was trying to enter the apartment, Jean "confronted the officer at the door".

Officer Amber Guyger is charged with manslaughter in the shooting and is free on bond.

"I'm confident this district attorney's office is taking this case seriously", he said. Inside, the lights were off, and she saw a figure in the darkness that cast a large silhouette across the room, according to the officer's account. She then drew her firearm, claiming she fired twice after Jean "ignored verbal commands".

His mother, Allison Jean, recalled her son's commitment to his faith at a prayer vigil last weekend.

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