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Image Source Geekbench

Image Source Geekbench

Apple on Wednesday confirmed that all the three new iPhones it just unveiled will be powered by the same monster mobile processor, the A12 Bionic that happens to be the world's first commercial 7nm chip.

Apple claims the firmware upgrade will mean, for instance, that apps will launch up to 40% faster on the iPhone 6S and you'll be able to open the camera up to 70% faster. That means customers in more than 55 worldwide markets will be able to purchase two of the three new iPhones that Apple just launched before the Pixel 3 series is unveiled.

The iPhone Xs features 4 GB of RAM and so does the iPhone Xs Max smartphone. "Wowzer", one Twitter user tweeted.

Compared to the Apple A11 chipset that powers the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the hexa-core A12 offers almost 33.3 percent increased performance, doubled GPU score, 50 percent improvement in UX score and around 20 percent improvement in memory score because of which the iPhone XS has managed to achieve such an impressive benchmarking score. Finally, the most expensive variant on the list is the 512GB storage model at Rs 1,34,900. Apple said the device will begin preorder on October 19 and is expected to hit stores on October 26.

But regardless of which iPhone you are after, expect to pay more this year. Prices for its phones have gone from $649 in 2016 for its entry level iPhone 7 to $1,149 for its largest-capacity, 256GB iPhone X in 2017.

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