Novichok Suspects Say They Only Wanted to See Stonehenge

Russians accused by UK 'victims of coincidence'

Skripal suspects interview: Key excerpts

They also declined to name any friends or family to back up their claims that they are who they say they are. They also said that their visit, at the time of the attack, was "an incredible, fatal coincidence".

"They are believed to have taken a similar route when they returned to London on the afternoon of Saturday, 3 March".

"An illegal chemical weapon has been used on the streets of this country".

Mr Boshirov said: "The customs are checking everything, they would have questions as to why men have women's perfume in their luggage". Relations between the United Kingdom and Russian Federation, already frosty, plunged into crisis after the attack. It's famous for its 123 metre-spire.

The two men accused of carrying out a nerve agent attack on a former spy on British soil broke their cover Thursday to deny their involvement in the fatal mission and claim they had no links to the Russian military intelligence service. They spent weeks in hospital before being discharged. A woman later died after coming in contact with the nerve agent.

Russian Federation has repeatedly denied any involvement in the case.

"We're afraid of going out, we fear for ourselves, our lives and lives of our loved ones", Boshirov said.

Ahead of the interview, according to the RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, the men established their identity by showing her regular Russian IDs, but refused to show their passports or provide any detail on their places of origin, families, or place of work beyond the vague description of "fitness industry".

Failure to show the men on TV "would have raised suspicions these people were no longer among the living", said Valery Solovei, a political scientist at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations.

"At 3pm on Friday, 2 March, the suspects arrived at Gatwick airport, having flown from Moscow on Aeroflot flight SU2588".

"Delighted that Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Borishov were able to see the world-class attractions that Salisbury has to offer". "This was not a rogue operation", she said.

Putin urged the two men to speak to the journalists.

On September 5, British Prime Minister Theresa May informed the British parliament about the outcome of the investigation into the Salisbury incident, stating that two Russians, whom British intelligence services consider to be Main Intelligence Directorate agents, are suspected of the attempted murder of the Skripals.

In this video grab provided by the RT channel, Ruslan Boshirov, left, and Alexander Petrov attend their first public appearance in an interview with the Kremlin-funded RT channel in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, Sept. 13. But Vladimir Putin has denied that these men had anything to do with the poisoning and that they're in any way attached to the Kremlin. "There's nothing unusual or criminal there, I assure you".

Asked about his biggest professional mistake at an event in Washington DC last night he said: "When I became foreign secretary I thought there was no objective reason why we should be quite so hostile to Russian Federation".

The Skripal case has been likened by British politicians to the murder of Russian dissident ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with a rare radioactive isotope in a London hotel in 2006.

Sources say the conclusion that the men were GRU officers was based on intelligence about Russian operatives and further inquiries made after the March attack on the Skripals.

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