Eric Trump: Woodward wrote book to 'make three extra shekels'

Eric Trump Used Anti-semitic Language On National TV. Happy New Year, Jews!

The question Bob Woodward's book doesn't answer

The department has said that the Trump administration still had "serious concerns about the human rights situation in Egypt" and would continue to raise those concerns with senior Egyptian officials. He followed up by saying that the book's dramatic quotes about Trump's instincts is a cash grab and "will mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels". But to me the standout message from the book - the reason it is still worth reading, even after Michael Wolff's romping page-turner Fire and Fury - is that the president is a bit clueless, a bit vain, a bit unsafe even; but his people are utterly at sea.

"Don't you think people look through the fact that you can write a sensational, nonsense book, CNN will definitely have you on there because they love to trash the president", Eric Trump said on Wednesday's "Fox and Friends", the network's morning show, when asked about Woodward's book. "This is the worst job I've ever had", Woodward alleges Kelly said.

Porter said that suggesting materials from Trump's desk were "stolen" to prevent the president from taking action "misunderstands how the White House document review process works".

The tweet said the US was going to "pull our dependents from South Korea..." Amazon said that Woodward's book was out of stock and would be available to ship in one to three weeks. "Secretary Pompeo determined that continuing with the obligation and expenditure of these FMF funds is important to strengthening our security cooperation with Egypt".

"Fear" is virtually assured of joining Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" as a million-selling takedown of Trump.

However, the news reported by America's Last Line of Defense is fake.

Woodward has defended his reporting, telling NPR that he's "done hundreds of hours of interviews with people and everything in the book most certainly happened".

In addition to Mattis, Chief of Staff John Kelly is featured in Woodward's book, calling the President "unhinged".

The book sold more than 750,000 copies on its first day of publication and broke Simon & Schuster's preorder sales record.

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