Parental Whitelisting Controls Arrive on YouTube Kids App

Parents can now manually select what content is delivered to their children via the You Tube Kids app

Parents can now manually select what content is delivered to their children via the You Tube Kids appImage YOUTUBE

Controlling what your kid can and can't watch on YouTube Kids is about to get a lot easier. If you want to ensure your kids are just using YouTube kids, along with deleting the YouTube app off their phone, you can restrict it on Safari. Parents can now head into the settings in YouTube Kids, then select the childs profile and select "approved content only". The new parental controls are available worldwide on Android and will launch soon on iOS.

YouTube Kids has faced criticism since November, when The New York Times reported that inappropriate clips weren't getting caught by the app's filters. Kids won't be able to search for content if this mode is enabled.

Meanwhile, YouTube also updated its "older" mode designed for 8- to 12-year-olds with new content such as popular music and gaming videos, nature and wildlife content, cartoons, and more.

If you're observant when selecting that "approved content only" radio button, you'll have noticed that there is now a toggle for Younger and Older Kids. "It's always possible that a parent may find something they don't want their child to watch in the "younger" or "older" experiences".

Of course, the new whitelisting feature and tween experience won't be flawless, YouTube said. If parents deem their kids ready, they can choose this "older" version when setting up a new profile or updating a profile that already exists. The new "older" experience is only available in the USA at this point, but YouTube plans to offer it globally in the future. "If this happens, we ask that parents block and flag the video for review by our team".

Google's video-sharing platform YouTube on Thursday announced certain new improvements for YouTube Kids, the company's app focused on providing video content targeted towards minor viewers. "As we continue to receive feedback from parents and turn that feedback into improvements to the YouTube Kids app, we hope that all families and kids can create the experience they want!"

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