Jalen Ramsey Clarifies Comments About Patriots' Gronkowski

Offensive coordinator Josh Mc Daniels and tight end Rob Gronkowski bump fists as the Patriots warmed up for practice. Wednesday

Gronk on Ramsey's comments: Talking trash 'not my focus'

But Marrone was also quick to offer praise for both Gronkowski and Brady, whom he said were possibly the best to play the game at their positions.

"I don't think Gronk's good", Ramsey told ESPN.com's Mina Kimes in a story that was published late last month.

While you certainly don't have to possess Belichick's level of football genius to understand the engineering of the play - it's a fairly simple concept, and one that both Brady and Gronk have mastered - it's always a bit more thrilling to hear coach talk about it. He's not one to openly boast about the small accomplishments of his team week-to-week, but there's a lot of pride in his voice as he moves through the details on the field that resulted in the touchdown.

Ramsey wouldn't really hit his grandmother, would he?

"I think it raises everybody's game as long as it doesn't get to the point where you do something stupid", Brady said. "That's when you get your time to go out and show everyone what you got".

The Patriots quarterback tends to deliver motivational posts in the leadup to a game, and he did exactly that Thursday night, just a few days prior to New England's Week 2 tilt with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's going to have to come out there and line up on me, or however it goes. "Very passionate. So I won't ever try to contain somebody and not let him be himself".

It is simply a ploy for Ramsey to get inside the opponent's head as he has voiced his opinions about several notable offensive players around the league where he has bashed their abilities on the field.

"It's going to be an emotional environment", Brady said.

Gronkowski's problem, to hear Ramsey tell it, is simple. In fact, the Q&A session turned into a veritable wrestling promo with Ramsey exclaiming "I fear no man period!"

"I mean, if that's how he feels, that's how he feels", Gronk said Wednesday, via quotes distributed by the team.

He said he isn't concerned about Ramsey's comments providing the Patriots bulletin board material. He spoke of his respect for the game. She knows that. My grandma knows that. But before the end of his chat with reporters, Ramsey was asked if he expects to line up against Gronkowski on Sunday.

"I feel like you have to respect the game of football".

"Would she hit me back?" he said. I'm very confident in all of my teammates on the defensive side of the ball. "Grandma might not get up from one of my licks". "Whoever goes against him, I'm very confident that they'll hold it down, and I'll do my job and I'll hold it down where I'm at".

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