Hurricane Helen latest: Atlantic storm to spark sunshine across Britain

WATCH Potential track of Storm Helene

Hurricane Helene heading towards the UK, bringing chances of gale force winds

"Areas of low pressure containing what's left of Storm Helene will still provide moisture and energy which will impact the United Kingdom quite a bit as we go into the early part of next week".

She is now one of a glut of tropical storms in the Atlantic, with Florence sparking mass evacuations as she heads towards landfall in the U.S. states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The Irish weather forecast is predicting "very disturbed weather" over the coming week, though was keen to stress that Helene would not be as strong as Ophelia.

The hurricane is now moving north at around 20km/h, and was expected to slow down today, becoming a tropical storm.

According to the UK Met Office, Helene is projected to head east towards the south-western corners of the UK.

"It is likely to bring wet and windy weather later on Tuesday, but at the moment there are no indications that it will bring any severe or damaging weather".

Marco Petagna, a Met Office forecaster, told the Sun Online: "Storm Helene is still in the Atlantic but it could have an influence in Britain next week".

"It will get caught up in jet streams and low-pressure streams, it will probably reach us in the form of heavy rainfall, maybe gales", he said.

"Hurricane Joyce is also in the Atlantic so we need to see how those two systems are going to move around each other because that could have an impact".

"It looks like Helene will move towards Ireland on Tuesday morning".

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