A Brand New Animal Crossing Game is Coming in 2019


The"leaked Smash Bros. bundle featuring an identical Switch Online notice

Those lads at Nintendo have done it. The Direct didn't contain as much Smash news as fans might have hoped, but it did reveal one new fighter: Animal Crossing's Isabelle. U Deluxe is coming to Switch on January 11, and as the rumour suggested, the package also includes New Super Luigi U. Mario, Luigi, and Toad return as playable characters, but they'll also be joined by Nabbit, and Toadette. The camping line is certainly a reference to the mobile title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Fans can pre-order the system starting a little later this evening at select retailers, and we'll update this story as they go live so you can get one for yourself. Annoyingly, very little that we didn't already know was shared, but an FAQ section on the official Nintendo website gives us a little bit more information. Nintendo's suggestion here is to save your data locally, as this can then be transferred back to the cloud when you renew, but this naturally defeats the whole goal of the feature and only seems to apply to the NES game portion of the service. Is this possibly some kind of remake of the original game? However, we imagine it's representative of what the actual game will look like.

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