Amazon removes its 20 percent preorder discount on games

Pay now or kiss Twitch Prime’s no-advertising perk goodbye starting Sept 14

Amazon Prime will no longer offer 20% off games, company switching to $10 gift card with select titles

One of the best ways to pre-order new games is now dead.

Some of Twitch Turbo's icons, with its special smiley face flipped in light of today's Twitch Prime news.

"As we have continued to add value to Twitch Prime, we have also re-evaluated some of the existing Twitch Prime benefits".

It noted: Universal ad-free viewing will no longer be part of Twitch Prime for new members, starting on September 14.

According to the retailer's updated terms and conditions, Prime members will instead receive store credit as an incentive to preorder video games through Amazon, but only preorders of "select video games" will come with the $10 store credit promotion. Once you get that credit, you can use it on nearly anything that Amazon sells, not just games.

It was confirmed today that the program will be making a change, to which the 20 percent discount no longer applies for said pre-orders.

"Advertising is an important source of support for the creators who make Twitch possible", Twitch wrote in its announcement to subscribers. A Reddit thread on the change is full of gamers threatening to kill their Prime subscriptions over the elimination of the 20 percent discount.

Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will continue to get ad-free viewing until October 15; those who already have an annual subscription (or those who upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14) will continue with ad-free viewing until their next renewal date. This also means you have until August 28 to pre-order any game you want with that 20% discount. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut.

The previous Prime policy was a flat 20% discount on video game pre-orders, so Prime members would save $12 on a $60 game.

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Thanks to every Twitch Prime member for supporting Twitch and your favorite streamers.

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