Acer refreshes its Predator Orion PCs with Nvidia's GeForce RTX 20xx GPUs

Nvidia announces new raytracing-focused RTX 2080, 2080 Ti graphics cards

Nvidia reveals new RTX GPUs, priced from $600 to $1,200, and ready to pre-order now

Nvidia on Monday officially rolled out its next graphics cards for PC gaming, the GeForce RTX family, starting at $499.

Following the flagship card is the GeForce RTX 2080, which comes with 2,944 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 with a 14Gbps memory speed and 448GB/s bandwidth. These new cards use the Turing GPU architecture and boast the ability to perform ray tracing technology (or RTX for short, hence the card names).

Acer and Dell aren't the only ones ready to take advantage of NVIDIA's new RTX 20 series.

The Founder's Edition cards will start shipping from September 20 and Nvidia is already taking pre-orders on its website. The GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition will be priced at $599 USD, followed by the RTX 2080 Founders Edition at $799 USD, and the RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition retailing for $1,199 USD. That may be overstating things a bit - especially given that Nvidia's own U.S. website jumped the gun by posting photos, specs and pricing details before the official announcement.

Here's the RTX 2070 Founders Edition and reference card specs.

As part of the event, Nvidia revealed some impressive technical demos of a bunch of games running on this new hardware. NVIDIA first debuted this architecture in the workstation grade Quadro RTX 8000, 6000 and 5000 GPU and it is now being brought to consumer grade graphics cards.

But if you want more performance, then manual overclocking is also available and there's much you can gain by tuning the cards yourself.

Nvidia promises "6X the performance of previous-generation graphics cards" and many other technical bells and whistles, although I'm not sure how many games these days are even maxing out the capabilities of the company's current most powerful card, the 1080 Ti. The only game that will support more than one ray tracing graphical effect is Remedy's Control with its glossy Ray Traced Reflections, Ray Traced Diffuse Global Illumination and Contact Shadows.

"Computer graphics will never be the same again", Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said onstage during the Turing demonstration at the annual Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany. This is also when we expect reviews and further details to go live, but we haven't had this confirmed as of yet.

Over two dozen companies have announced support for Nvidia's GeForce RTX platform, including Adobe (ADBE), Pixar, EA (EA), and Autodesk (ADSK).

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