Nun's fantastic first pitch before White Sox game

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A nun drop jaws after delivering a ideal first pitch with some added flair on Saturday night.

Sister Mary Jo shows how it's done. She had it planned out.

The baseball world fell in love with Sister Mary Jo after she bounced the baseball off of her arm and proceeded to throw a sharp curveball to the catcher for the first pitch.

'I was just lucky to be back there. "She threw a flawless pitch". And Sobieck, one of the Dominican sisters at the school in Chicago Heights, Ill., threw out the first pitch before the White Sox took on the Kansas City Royals.

"I said, 'Can you play for us?'" White Sox manager Rick Renteria said about the nun who attended as part of Marian Catholic High School night.

"I'm like, 'Wait a minute.' He threw it back to her and she fielded it barehanded".

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck works at Marian Catholic High School in IL.

This is Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, and she just authored one of the most epic first pitches we've seen this season or any other season.

The White Sox - who played the rest of the game without Sobieck - lost to the Royals, 3-1. "I think she said, 'I played center and short'". We talked to her a little bit but before we were talking to her, she was talking to someone and she wanted to warm up.

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