Even with Location History off, Google will still track your location

How to find and delete where Google knows you've been

How to find and delete where Google knows you've beenMore

With Associated Press's investigative report on how Google is tracking your location even when you have turned off your location history, has made this contentious issue all the more apt for redressal.

According to the investigation, this is untrue, with some Google Apps continuing to store time-stamped location data with it turned off. Google Maps captures the user's location as soon as they open the app, while apps and searches that even have nothing to do with geography can save the device's location to the user's Google account. Seemingly innocuous searches - AP News highlights "chocolate chip cookies" as a laughably innocent example - will pinpoint your whereabouts ("accurate to the square foot") which will then be logged by your account.

Advertising. The more Google knows about you, the more advertising it can sell. Users are also asked to agree for the app to record their location over time, with the results able to be displayed in a "timeline" that shows the user's movements. Even using Google Search for queries that have nothing to do with location, can trigger the app to pinpoint your precise latitude and longitude and save it to your Google account.

Google is still tracking your location on iPhone and Android, even after you specifically told it not to.

In an email to the AP, Google said it provides "clear descriptions" and "robust controls" for people to navigate and delete their location history.

The report raises several different privacy questions, particularly when it comes to user consent of data collection.

But just turning off Location History doesn't solve the goal. You can find it in its terms of use and a few other places that users tend not to tread much.

The easiest way to adjust your location tracking setting is to go to your activity controls on a desktop or in a mobile browser.

On Android app, go to Settings, then tap on Google - Google Account - Data & personalization- Web & App activity and toggle it off. And if you go to Web and App Activity (which is on by default), the feature description doesn't mention location tracking either, which can lead you to believe that it has no bearing on location tracking at all.

If you use Google Maps, adjust your location setting to While Using the App; this will prevent the app from accessing your location when it's not active. "With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored", according to the company's privacy page. By turning off Location History, you're only stopping Google from adding your movements to its Timeline feature, which visually logs where you've been.

How To Delete Your Past Location Tracking History From Google Server?

So, How To Stop Google From Tracking You?

"More data for them presumably means more profit". Last year, Police scanned the locations of the suspects for finding devices near a murder scene. Furthermore, Google has recently unveiled a new tool called "local campaigns" that dynamically uses ads to boost in-person store visits.

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