Rescuers deal with fire in Italian bridge rubble before day of mourning

Milan vs. Genoa Sampdoria vs. Fiorentina postponed following tragic bridge collapse

Genoa, Sampdoria games called off in wake of bridge collapse

The Serie A matches involving Genoa and Sampdoria on Sunday have been postponed at the request of the two clubs in the wake of Tuesday's motorway bridge collapse in their city which killed at least 38 people.

Genoa's chief prosecutor, Francesco Cozzi, said 10-20 people were still missing.

He pointed out that €2.5 billion ($2.8 billion) had been provided for "roads and trains in Italy" since 2011, while in April the Commission approved an investment plan for Italian motorways valued at €8.5 billion ($9.7 billion), which covered the Genoa area where the bridge collapsed.

A Swiss Re spokeswoman told Reuters: "We are already working with and will continue supporting our client in managing the impact of this tragic event on the victims and their families".

"We are trying to find points where we can penetrate this incredibly heavy rubble".

All around him he saw other cars that had been destroyed and piles of broken concrete and asphalt, but no signs of life.

Capello was at the midpoint of the bridge, he recounted Friday, when "everything, the world, came down".

A state funeral for numerous victims will be held on Saturday at Genoa's convention centre, led by the city's archbishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, and attended by President Sergio Mattarella and Conte.

Saturday was declared a national day of mourning in Italy and was set to include a state funeral at the industrial port city's fair grounds for those who plunged to their deaths as the 45-metre-high Morandi Bridge gave way on Tuesday. He had been at the midpoint of the bridge, driving across toward Genoa when it collapsed.

"My boy and the others suffered murder", said Roberto Battiloro, whose 29-year-old son, a videographer, was one of the four friends who died. "I can't see them investing any resources into a new bidding process".

His auto plunged nose first, then suddenly stopped with a crash, air bags releasing around him.

Shares in the parent company of Autostrade per l'Italia which runs the highway plunged more than 30% in the days after the collapse but were recovering slightly on Friday as investors said government threats to revoke its concessions might be political rhetoric rather than a likely outcome. "A auto in front of me disappeared into the darkness", he said.

Capello was released from the hospital Thursday, two days after the collapse.

Bankers and analysts said Atlantia was less likely to bid for major projects overseas given the threat of punitive government measures against its Autostrade unit.

About 600 people have had to leave their homes which sit below the remaining spans of the bridge, for fear of further collapse.

Officials are also urging the quick removal of tons of debris from the dry river bed the bridge had spanned so the rubble does not create a makeshift dam if heavy rain falls in the flood-prone city on the Mediterranean. Debris also must be cleared from railroad tracks, a vital link especially now that Genoa is largely cut in half by the loss of such a key artery.

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