Starstruck: Perseid meteor shower returns to night sky

Comet Perseid Meteor Shower

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There are meteors or "shooting stars" in the sky on any given night, but the Perseids are something else, Boyle said.

The next big meteor shower, the Geminids, will be visible in mid-December.

"On a normal night a meteor can come from any area of the sky".

Meteor showers are nearly always linked to comets, which are giant balls of ice, rock, space dust, and gasses orbiting the sun.

People lie on the ground to watch the Perseid meteor shower as an airplane flies over the Al Qudra desert, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 12, 2018.

At Galičica National Park near Ohrid, Macedonia, astrophotographer Stojan Stojanovski captured a Perseid fireball as it lit up the starry sky above a serene mountain landscape.

The Perseids - meteor shower, which comes from the constellation of Perseus and is literally the "rain of stars" - meteors which are flying through the sky at speeds up to 59 km/h.

Watching the meteor shower outside Las Vegas, astrophotographer Tyler Leavitt spotted a pink-and-green Perseid meteor crossing in front of the Milky Way - and pointing toward Mars.

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