How Bin Salman’s Attack On Canada Is Harming The Saudi Economy

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"We fully agree with the statement of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation secretary general that Saudi Arabia enjoys huge respect especially among countries that have a similar standoff with human rights - which has a growing western lobby", Faisal said.

The arrests had taken place in OPEC's largest producer and leading exporter Saudi Arabia, which has amassed its wealth from oil and now looks to attract foreign investors as it seeks to diversify its economy away from too much reliance of crude oil sales.

The EU has called on Saudi Arabia to clarify on the circumstances concerning the detentions of women rights activists. Over the weekend, it expelled the Canadian Ambassador, recalled its own envoy, froze all new trade and investment, suspended flights by the state airline to Toronto, and ordered thousands of Saudi students to leave Canada and get their education in other countries.

At this point in time, Riyadh's human right violations are out in the open. Canada's foreign ministry expressed concern over the arrest of Saudi civil society and women's rights activists, in a tweet that echoed concerns previously voiced by the United Nations. Saudi response is justified in that some countries are in the habit of interfering in internal affairs of other countries on the pretext of human rights.

According to Trudeau, the goal of Canada is to achieve bad relations with Saudi Arabia, and that Canada respects an important place in the world.

Canada imports around 75,000-80,000 bpd of Saudi oil, and these barrels can easily be replaced, CBC quoted analyst Judith Dwarkin as saying earlier this week.

"We continue to engage diplomatically, but as I've said, Canada will always be very clear on standing up for human rights", Trudeau said Monday when asked about the diplomatic dispute.

"A mistake has been made and a mistake should be corrected", Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said on Wednesday.

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