Monster Hunter World is One of Steam's Biggest New Releases in 2018

Jackson Bostian

Jackson Bostian

As of the game's release this morning, Monster Hunter: World has already become Steam's biggest release of the year in terms of concurrent players. Now, nearly half a year later, the game is out on Steam and it's one of the biggest new releases for the platform in 2018.

Preparing for a hunt in Monster Hunter: World requires more than just picking the right weapon, having a meal at the canteen, and doing some research, it requires preloading the game on PC so it's ready to go when it releases. Monster Hunter has almost doubled that, with a peak of 239,779 players today according to Steamcharts, an unbelievable number for a game that launched on consoles seven months ago.

You can watch the numbers rise on Steam for yourself. Steam Charts keeps track of all-time peak user counts, and Monster Hunter: World is already in the top ten. So, we will simply have to be patient for a short while to find out what the publisher and developer has in store for Steam Workshop mod support and all of the other ancillary features coming to MHW on PC. To say Capcom struck it big with World is an understatement.

The news about the success of Monster Hunter: World comes from GitHyp, with it reaching the 4th place in the rankings after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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