Kanye West drops surprise ‘XTCY’ song, raps about Kardashian sisters

Watch: Kanye West's awkward silence while defending Trump on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Kanye West Drops New Song XTCY, Admits He Wants To F**k All Of Kim Kardashian's Sisters…

A previously unreleased Kanye West song made its way to the internet thanks to DJ Clark Kent, who posted the link to "XTCY" on Twitter in the early hours of the morning. "You got sick thoughts?" West was initially silent after Kimmel confronted him about his past attitude towards Bush (West famously said "George Bush doesn't like black people") and his current view of Trump. Kanye has been in support of Trump for two years now, but journalists continue to press the topic like it's new information.

But also as always with absolutely everything that comes out of Kanye's mouth, you do get the awful feeling that sometimes he actually means what he says. Kanye stops for a moment and thinks about his answer before Kimmel announces that they would be cutting to commercial break.

The interview marked Kanye's first appearance on the chat show since 2013, when he appeared to end his social media feud with Kimmel.

West said that he and Kimmel were having "a great time" with their dialogue before the question about Trump came up. I wasn't stumped. I wasn't given a chance to answer the question. "Clark, let that new "XTCY " joint go! So". Although his views may be polarizing, it's obvious after watching the interview that West is telling the truth.

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