Fourth injured person in Saturday's raid on suspected terrorists dies

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Saudi Arabia condemns attack on Jordanian security forces

Gunmen killed three members of Jordan's security forces during a raid on a "terrorist" cell a day after an officer died in a bomb blast, a government spokeswoman said.

The clash late on Saturday in the town of as-Salt raised new concerns about militants' attempts to carry out large-scale attacks to destabilise the pro-western kingdom.

The police vehicle had been maintaining security near a music festival in the majority Christian town of Fuhais, near the capital Amman and 15 kilometres (about 10 miles) from Salt.

The blast, labeled a "terrorist" attack by Jordan's prime minister, killed a police officer.

Security forces in Salt, Jordan, raiding a suspected terrorist hideout on August 11, 2018. Jordanian authorities have not provided a possible motive for the initial attack.

Security forces stormed a building in the city of Salt where suspects behind the planting of the home-made bomb that killed one policeman on Friday were believed to be hiding as part of the manhunt.

Witnesses heard several strong explosions near the site which a security source said were explosives being detonated by the police as they closed in on the militants. A wing of the building collapsed.

Five other suspects have been arrested, according to Jumana Ghuneimat, a Jordanian government spokeswoman.

On Sunday, she added that the bodies of three suspects were pulled out of the rubble.

"The suspects refused to surrender and opened heavy fire toward a joint security force", Ghneimat said.

Bomb blasts targeting security forces are rare in Jordan, although the small desert kingdom bordering Syria and Iraq has had to struggle with a rise in Muslim fundamentalism in recent years.

In June 2016, a cross-border auto bombing launched from Syria killed seven Jordanian border guards.

Three members of the security forces were killed in the shootout with the gunmen who were holed up in an apartment in a four-storey residential bloc in Salt, she said in a statement.

King Abdullah, a Middle East ally of Western powers against Islamist militancy who has also safeguarded Jordan's peace treaty with Israel, has been among the most vocal leaders in the region in warning of threats posed by radical groups.

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