Former Tour de France champion Ullrich arrested over alleged attack

Former German cyclist Jan Ullrich won the Tour de France in 1997

Ex-Tour de France winner Ullrich held over prostitute assault AFP 10 Aug 2018

Jan Ullrich, the only German ever to win the Tour de France, was held on suspicion of assaulting a prostitute on Friday, as he returned to his native country seeking a fresh start to recover from drug and alcohol problems.

"Jan Ullrich was arrested today after a dispute at a hotel in Frankfurt", a police spokesperson explained.

"He is in police custody", a German police spokesman told AFP, adding that the 44-year-old "was under the influence of alcohol and drugs".

Lerch says "it seems Mr. Ullrich and an escort women had a dispute and that he attacked her".

It's been suggested that after engaging in sexual intercourse with the woman, he ended up physically mistreating her in a luxury hotel in Frankfurt. "Mr. Ullrich is still in custody".

"An investigation is underway for attempted homicide, assault and battery, possession of unsafe goods, but the prosecution does not now see any serious indication of attempted murder ... and [therefore] reason to place him in pre-trial detention", she added, although a judge will decide this question Friday.

Earlier this week, the Ullrich opened up to German newspaper Bild about his separation from his wife and children. He said he had not seen his three sons since Easter. "I have done things as a result that I very much regret", Ullrich told the mass circulation daily. In 2013, Ullrich admitted he had also received blood doping.

Ullrich was arrested and then released the next day, although a restraining order was taken out against him by Schweiger.

Ullrich served a two-year ban for doping in 2012, five years after he retired in 2007.

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