Doom Eternal: 11 Things You Missed From The QuakeCon Gameplay

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Reminder: Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage to be Revealed Today at QuakeCon

DOOM Eternal's armor modifications and improvements were shown off on stage. Oh yes, I said "players": multiple people can band together to form Slayer Hunting Parties, which should make for some deliciously desperate battles. There's even a few new bad guys DOOM will debut with Eternal.

If you played 2016's DOOM, then you know what to expect from Eternal in terms of gameplay. Id Software will share more details about that mode at a later date. The gameplay demonstration was constantly queueing up and chewing through new demon types that required their own combat approaches - some returning from the original Doom 2, like the Pain Elemental, others unseen and heretofore unslaughtered. The super shotgun also has a new grappling hook feature that'll snatch your enemies and rush you toward them for the kill shot. Pro Tip: demons don't like it when you blow bits off of them, so you should shoot at them until they die. The overwhelming success of that effort has only amplified anticipation for the sequel, Doom Eternal.

Let's get to the part you really care about - the brutality!

At QuakeCon this week, the studio unloaded the first gameplay footage from Doom Eternal, sharing a generous seven-minute slice of in-game action that should put to rest any doubt that this encore effort will diverge from its predecessor's winning formula. The Nintendo Switch version will be handled by Panic Button, who previously ported Doom (2016) to the console.

One interesting thing about DOOM Eternal is that it will allow players to take over demons and "invade" another player's game.

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