All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are coming to IMAX

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All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are coming to IMAX

Marvel Studios has announced a 10th Anniversary Film Festival which will exclusively present all 20 titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the large-format Imax theaters between August 30 and September 6. Plans call for showing all 20 films in their release order during the first five days, followed by two theme days focusing on "origins" and "team ups".

Still, Marvel Studios' celebration for the first 10 years is far from over.

From August 30th through September 6th, Marvel Studios will screen every movie it has released over the past ten years, some a couple of times. And while Avengers: Infinity War was one hell of a way to celebrate the unprecedented crossover of all these film franchises, the comic book movie studio has another treat for fans to enjoy this year. Twenty films will be shown including ones that never received an IMAX release prior like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger. 6 in select IMAX theaters across the US and Canada.

As announced via IMAX, all 20 Marvel movies will be playing at least once (and some as many as three times) beginning on Labor Day weekend.

Lastly, the final day of the festival, Thursday, Sept. 6, will feature two films chosen by the fans.

"IMAX is the way fans can experience the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the fullest".

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