Samsung finally unveils its much-anticipated Galaxy Watch

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Unpacked: Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch live stream here!

The Korean giant unveiled the device at its Unpacked event in NY on Thursday alongside the company's new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. In the test, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 scores 8,876 points - which are in the ballpark of what one would expect from the Snapdragon 845.

The announcement was made at the Samsung Unpacked event in NY, where fans of the popular battle royale game were expecting Fortnite related Android news.

Thursday's announcement in NY comes about a month before Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones.

"The product was too similar to the S8". A dual-lens camera, with better zooming, came to the Note 8 months before the S9 Plus got it, for instance.

Samsung is counting on its latest device to lead the charge during the crucial holiday season and revitalise a mobile division where profits nearly halved last quarter.

To conclude looks like the Note 9 is a device that will provide you with the same level of performance as other flagship devices, but using it will not result in an extraordinary experience.

That stance is easing with executives promising to introduce eye-opening features more aggressively. The biggest reservation that most businesses will have is the speed of updates. Since the very first Note, the S Pen has been an unpowered inductive stylus based on Wacom technology.

The Note's stylus will now have Bluetooth, allowing people to control phones and apps from up to 30 feet away. The Note 9 is launching with Android 8.0 Oreo just a few weeks after Android 9 Pie is released.

The screen's 0.1-inch increase is actually a little more annoying, as the phone has increased a touch. The Note 9's camera upgrade is on par with the one given to the S9 in March, adding enhanced colours and exposure. This feature lets users connect their device to a computer display using a separate accessory, essentially turning the smartphone into a full-featured desktop with apps.

And Samsung used this opportunity to call out to the "believers" in the big phone concept, and fans of the Note in particular, and thank them for their loyalty.

Sitting through Samsung's Unpacked press conference in Brooklyn yesterday, I wasn't struck with a barrage of technical specifications, comparisons to the competition, or endless feature demos. The company also announced a partnership with music streaming service Spotify.

At the NY event on Thursday, Samsung also introduced a new Galaxy Watch that competes with a similar product from Apple.

"The new Galaxy Watch has been designed for all lifestyles to help meet consumer needs, such as more efficient battery life to stay connected longer", said D.J. Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics.

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