Overwatch’s 2018 Summer Games Are Now Live

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Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event is live: here’s a look at the skins, info on the modes, maps, more

The Summer Games was the very first event after the release of Overwatch in May 2016, originally celebrating the 2016 Summer Olympics.

At present, we know there'll be at least five new Legendary skins for this year's event, all consistent with the holiday or sportswear that we've seen other heroes donning in previous Summer Games over the last two years.

The 2018 edition of Overwatch's Summer Games in-game event has arrived. You can look over the notes through the Overwatch website.

Overwatch is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The games will run from the 9th of August until the 30th of August, so you'll have a little less than a month to take part in it. Besides the return of Lucioball, Overwatch fans will also have the opportunity to unlock some new skins, with Blizzard taking to Twitter to reveal the new Legendary tier skins that will be added to the game tomorrow.

With regards to the skins, there are six new Legendary skins including Cabana Ana, Fastball Zenyatta, Gridironhardt Reinhardt, Lacross Roadhog, Waveracer D.Va, and Catcher Winston.

The content update will bring in the new skins, theme and the Lucio Ball game mode.

This year's games will be based around Busan in South Korea, which as we noted in the past could be Blizzard's way of tipping their hats towards their ardent Overwatch playerbase in Korea.

This will be your only chance to acquire any of the Summer Games items this year, as once it finishes they'll be locked away until 2019's event, so make sure you hop to it if you're eyeing a particular skin, spray, emote, victory pose, or highlight intro.

Anyone who wants to get any of the past Summer Games skins or the current ones will want to act fast.

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