Dez Bryant nows declares he's coming to Cleveland for visit

Browns GM says that Dez Bryant won't return any of his phone calls

Dez Bryant fires back after Browns GM says Bryant ‘won’t return any phone calls’ | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

If Bryant and Dorsey can't agree on whether they've talked, how can they hash out mutually acceptable contract terms?

However, Bryant tweeted on Thursday that he is still planning to play for a team this season - just that he's going to do it on his schedule.

The odd saga of the courtship of Dez Bryant by John Dorsey has finally resulted in a first date.

Free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant, prodded by Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey to come in for a tryout, said on Twitter on Thursday night that he's starting his visits next week and that Cleveland will be on his list.

Bryant said to another Twitter user that he is not ready to play yet. "I'm not on anybody (else's) time". And we are halfway through National Football League training camps.

Hours before the Dallas Cowboys play their first National Football League preseason game of the season, Dez Bryant continues to dominate the headlines. Landry wrote on social media, a concept that Dez approved of via the same medium.

Bryant even shared that he "wouldn't mind playing for the Browns". That didn't work out to well for me.

"I'm not sure his situation as far as what he's wanting, what offers maybe he's had that he's turned down - all that factors into it as a business". He's just taking his time.

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