Australians eat 'parma' for drought-stricken farmers

With the prospect of a dry weather pattern hitting the state in Spring the longer term outlook for rain in New South

Drought pushes Australian farmers to brink as they are given licence to kill kangaroos

4 Many of Australia's southeast districts are struggling with drought.

National Farmers Federation chief executive Tony Mahar says the subsidies will hurt Australian farmers already suffering from crippling drought.

Cattle and sheep farmer Robert Lee says climate change is behind the drought crisis.

There have been reports of farmers shooting cattle and hand-feeding animals because the ground is too dry for grass to grow.

New South Wales was officially listed as “100% in drought” on Wednesday, with 23% of the region deemed to be in “intense drought”, leading state and federal governments to offer A$576m (£330m; $430m) in emergency relief funding.

Less than 10 millimetres was recorded in the western, northwest and central areas of NSW over the past month and drier-than-normal conditions are forecast for the next three months across the majority of the state. "This is tough. There isn't a person in the state that isn't hoping to see some rain for our farmers and regional communities", Blair said in a statement.

The US will subsidise farmers and buy unsold crops, among other measures; farmers growing soybeans, sorghum and wheat will get the most aid.

Milne said Federated Farmers was exploring ways of supporting affected Australian farmers as many on this side of the Tasman felt helpless.

The brown surrounds at the O'Brien farm echoes the experience of many other NSW farmers.

"Many farmers are taking livestock off their paddocks, only to then see kangaroos move in a take whatever is left", Blair said.

The government also relaxed restrictions on shooting kangaroos in a bid to help farmers as the animals compete with livestock for grazing land.

The current drought on the continent extends beyond North South Wales, with over half of the neighboring state of Queensland also in drought, the BBC reported.

The reason was the largest in the last half-century drought.

"I don't know many people in rural New South Wales that ... don't think the climate is getting drier and rainfall is becoming more volatile", Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in June.

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