Galaxy Note 9 price and availability: Your wallet will hate you

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Now, as previously reported, Samsung has partnered with Epic Games to launch Fortnite Mobile with a timed exclusive (rumoured to be 3-4 months), with the Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 believed to be the two devices that would get access to the game first.

South Korean tech giant Samsung is going to take the wraps off its 2018 flagship phablet - Galaxy Note 9 - at an event to be held in NY. So, if you're wondering about what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is all about, head over below for the details. On the front, you get an 8-megapixel (f/1.7) autofocus sensor.

Unveiled today in NY, the Galaxy Note 9 features a large battery, a Bluetooth-enabled S Pen, and lots of storage.

Moving to the rear camera, the Galaxy Note 9 features a 12+12MP rear camera. You can expect the same Infinity Display, the same headphone jack, and numerous same technologies that you've come to expect from the Galaxy Note brand, including IP68 dust and water resistance, fast wireless charging, Samsung Knox, and several biometric security options, including fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and facial recognition capabilities.

Although the Note 9 comes with several new features, it's far from a gamechanger, according to Werner Goertz, a research director at Gartner who covers personal devices. The Note 9 still functions normally in this mode, and you can launch an app to use it as a trackpad and virtual keyboard with the monitor. We'd expect carriers to offer payment plans for those who want the maximum storage and upgraded memory, but don't want to spend the whole amount in one fell swoop. The Note 9 ships from August 24, and will show up in stores from the same date.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn't as exciting as the Note 8, it's still a very, very refined and capable flagship smartphone. Samsung says supplies of both extras are limited, and that there'll only be 102,000 sets of the AKG headphones, 46,000 game bundles, and 36,000 bundles of both available. European markets are also expected to miss out on the copper color option.

"Moving towards the display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4" sAMOLED panel with QHD+ resolution and 514ppi pixel density.

One add-on Note 9 buyers might be particularly interested in, given the cost of the phone, is Samsung Premium Care.

You slide the S Pen into a slot on the device to charge it.Samsung claims you'll get 30 minutes of "standby" juice after charging it for one minute.

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