Damascus says First Lady Asma al-Assad being treated for breast cancer

Asma al Assad Syria cancer

"The President and his team wish Mrs Asma a speedy recovery

"With strength, trust and faith".

Asma al-Assad, 42, who was born into a Syrian family in the United Kingdom and graduated from King's College London, enjoys popularity owing to her social activity.

In her first comments about the bloodshed in Syria, Asma al-Assad said in 2012: "The President is the President of Syria, not a faction of Syrians, and the First Lady supports him in that role".

A photograph of Mrs Assad and her husband was posted on Twitter together with the words: "Mrs Asma al-Assad begins the first stage of treatment for a malignant breast tumour that was discovered early. the Presidency and its team wish Mrs Asma a speedy recovery".

The public disclosure of a serious health issue in the top echelons of an Arab state is quite rare as such matters are usually shrouded in secrecy.

While the pair were tipped as potential reformers when Al Assad took office in 2000, the changes never appeared.

Assad Syrian civil war
Both the Syrian regime and opposition groups have been accused of carrying out numerous war crimes

Asma AL Assad, 42, has been married to the president for 18 years, and they have three children, Hafez, Zein, and Karim. In a video in 2012, the British and German ambassadors to the United Nations appealed to her to speak out against the violence.

In 2011, Mrs al-Assad was controversially described as a "rose in the desert" in a profile by Vogue magazine.

Both the Syrian regime and opposition groups have been accused of carrying out numerous war crimes, with the former being blamed for a series of brutal chemical weapons attacks.

The British-born wife of President Assad of Syria is being treated for breast cancer, the government has said.

A controversial figure, Asma al-Assad has rarely spoken publicly about the civil war in Syria, which has raged for more than seven years during which has claimed half a million lives. She worked in the field of banking and investment before marrying to Bashar Assad.

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