Pregnant goat dies after being assaulted by eight in India

Pregnant goat dies after being assaulted by eight in India

Pregnant goat dies after being assaulted by eight in India

As per police reports, a medical examination will be conducted on the dead goat in order to verify the veracity of the claim. He also said that the three of them had criminal records.

The owner of the goat, made a complaint against the eight men who allegedly gang-raped his pregnant goat, which later died suffering from the incident. "While we were looking around, we found three men sexually assaulting my goat", said 27-year-old Khan, a truck driver. "Although we have collected the vaginal samples and sent it to forensics for further examination, it is a clear case of bestiality", said Dr Ramvir Bhardwaj, veterinary surgeon of animal husbandry at Nagina, who conducted the postmortem.

The owner of the goat, Aslup Khan said that his goat went missing from its shed on 25 July at around 11 pm, according to a Hindustan Times report. After he raised an alarm, the men reportedly fled, leaving the goat behind.

The condition of goat started deteriorating and it died around 6pm. The police are yet to make any arrests.

In a gruesome case of sexual assault in the state of Haryana, a pregnant goat was killed after being raped by eight men of the locality.

"The death of the animal was caused by trauma and brain injury, which might have led to asphyxia and heart block due to the damage to the vital centre in the brain".

While the incident of a Kolkata man dragging a dog to his house and raping it, is still fresh in our minds, we have another spine-chilling case of brutality towards animals.

Sub-Inspector Rajbir Singh, who is stationed in Nagina police station, confirmed that the complaint has been registered and the police department has taken cognizance of the complaint.

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