Meghan Markle's Sister Demands Payment for Interviews About Duchess

Meghan Markle's half-sister demands $1,500 for interview about the Duchess

Olivia Munn Calls Out Meghan Markle's 'Really Crazy' Sister

Olivia Munn is playing matchmaker for her Predator director Shane Black, trying to get him a date with the new Duchess of Sussex's outspoken sister.

She first began her tirade against her half-sister in the lead up to the Royal Wedding, when she announced she was the mastermind behind Thomas Markle's staged paparazzi pictures.

On Friday, the Duchess of Sussex's half-sister Samantha Markle, otherwise known as Samantha Grant, seemingly confirmed that she'll be entering the "CBB" house while speaking with "Inside Edition"'s Megan Alexander. "She's real angry. She says a lot of insane stuff in the press". "I think we should reunite them", she joked. Having spent decades working towards the success she's garnered as a model and actress, the 38-yaer-old wouldn't want to put a stop to all of it.

Meghan Markle is now in the midst of a highly-publicized feud between her father, who lately claims he's being completely ignored by Meghan.

Samantha has shot to fame in the United Kingdom for her willingness to bad-mouth Meghan, and has most recently insinuated that she would blame her if their father was to pass away.

"I think the fact that he has continually spoken, he is not respecting her wish that he just stays quiet, [and that] has probably upset her more than anything else and possibly made a reconciliation from Meghan's point of view nearly impossible now", Nicholl continued.

She told "Entertainment Tonight": "I don't want to give up my career. I want my friends to marry princes", she explained.

She then claimed she wouldn't talk about her royal half-sister, saying: 'The objective of that show would not be to discuss her'.

That's not to say she isn't a fan of the royal - or at least of Meghan.

The report comes just two months after Meghan tied the knot with Prince Harry. "Act like a humanitarian, act like a woman!"

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