Iconic ‘Brady Bunch’ house goes on the market after nearly 50 years

‘Brady Bunch’ House For Sale – But May Be Torn Down

Fears for future of Brady Bunch house

The 2,477-square-foot house in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles has had the same owners for 45 years, according to real estate records.

It's a Seventies paradise that will be instantly iconic to those who watched The Brady Bunch, but the home that posed as the sitcom's abode could be torn down.

While the TV home's interiors were built on a set in a studio, the exterior of the actual Studio City house featured prominently in the show's 117 episodes, most notably in its credits sequences. The Brady's house stands out from the homes in the area.

According to the listing, it's the second-most photographed home in the USA after the White House.

"The Brady Bunch" aired between 1969 and 1974.

Brady Bunch House For Sale
Image Carswell & Partners via

Carswell says a rock-wall fireplace, wood-paneled walls and floral wallpaper are vintage touches of what homes looked like in the 1970s.

Ernie Carswell, the listing agent for real estate firm Douglas Elliman, told the Los Angeles Times that they are bracing for a flood of interest, and will only be showing the home on an appointment basis in an attempt to separate the buyers from the curious. So the famously-blended family didn't actually "live" inside the house, but its exterior has become so famous, it even has its own Yelp page.

Both McCallisters have died and their children are selling the home, the LA Times reported.

Carswell said in the LA Times report that the owners will give first consideration to bidders who want to keep the home.

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