Google Doodle Honours Georges Lemaitre- The Man Behind Big Bang Theory


Google Doodle Honours Georges Lemaitre- The Man Behind Big Bang Theory

REX / GOOGLE GEORGES LEMAÎTRE: The father of the Big Bang theory would have been 124 today Who was Georges Lemaître? In 1927, Georges Lemaitre - a lecturer at Catholic University of Leuven - propounded the precursor to the Big Bang theory in his published paper titled "A homogenous Universe of constant mass and growing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extragalactic nebulae". He is also considered to be the first person to propose the theory that the universe is expanding.

It was soon confirmed afterwards by Edwin Hubble.

The Belgian Priest was a multi-talented man, as he was also an astronomer and a physics professor at the University of Leuven. He served the Belgian Army during World War I. He entered a seminary after the war and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1923.

Today would have been the Belgian Catholic priest's 124th birthday, which is why Google is paying tribute to the influential astronomer. In fact, Lemaitre had, in his paper, successfully calculated the numerical value that describes the rate of expansion of universe, what we now refer to as the Hubble constant.

Post, this Lemaitre had delivered his lecture and theory to a group of some famous and respected scientists in 1933 at the California Institute of Technology, Einstein applauded him and quoted: "This is the most handsome and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I ever listened". After the war ended, he went on to study at Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT. One of his nominators was Albert Einstein, who had previously dismissed the physics behind his Cosmic Egg theory as "atrocious".

Lemaitre's work was widely recognised around the world, and are hugely influential until this day. He died in 1966, shortly after having learned of the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation. The same year he proposed his Big Bang Theory, which explained the recession of galaxies within the framework of Einstein's General Relativity.

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