Adidas commits to only using recycled plastics by 2024


Adidas Pledges To Only Use Recycled Plastic By 2024

It said it would also stop using virgin plastic in its offices, retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centers, which would save 40 tons of plastics a year. "With those kind of volumes, we can not make the transition overnight".

Adidas is taking another step toward the production of sustainable products, pledging to use only recycled plastic by the year 2024.

According to Liedtke, by the time its spring and summer collection hits stores in 2019, roughly 41 percent of polyester used in Adidas sportswear will be recycled. Currently, about 50 percent of the material used in a number of Adidas' products is virgin polyester. Already massive floating islands of plastic dot the oceans. The colors are inspired by the dark blues and greens of the urban harbor.

The company has trimmed down its use of plastics over the years, removing the material in shopping bags from all retail stores. Almost one million individual runners participated. @parleyxxx meets performance to create unique footwear and apparel made with Parley Ocean Plastic. The Card is now a prototype and will be tested and refined over time with public availability anticipated in the next 12 months. Despite representing only a small portion of global sales (with only one million pairs sold in 2017), the company is expecting sales to jump to five million pairs this year.

Plastics are polluting the world in an unbelievably bad way, but many businesses are making the move toward reducing their use of the product. Steel and iron are recycled at a rate of about 88 percent, according to AZo CleanTech, and paper products are nearly up to 60 percent, but for plastics, the recycling rate is still down around 14 percent.

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