Massive Iceberg Threatens Greenland Village as Residents are Evacuated

Credit PA

Credit PA

"These are small villages with little houses located right at the shoreline, and all of a sudden icebergs show up, and they look like NY skyscrapers, they're just towering", he says.

Police have moved a search-and-rescue helicopter closer to the remote community, which has a population of about 170.

They fear that if the iceberg does calve, or break apart, the resulting crash into the ocean could send a wall of water over the coast, inundating some residences.

"We can feel the concern among the residents". The iceberg is allegedly grounded on the sea floor, threatening the nearby residents if the wind blows the wrong way.

It was a striking sight: a huge iceberg looming over a tiny Arctic village.

Innaarsuit is about 965 kilometres north of Nuuk, the country's capital.

Villagers at risk have been moved to safer areas of the community, with school buildings, a daycare center and relatives offering sanctuary from the behemoth berg, deputy chief officer Lina Davidsen told KNR. As the result of an natural disaster at northwestern Greenland, four people died as the waves flooded the nearby houses.

Credit PA
Credit PA

Earthquakes and tsunamis have created major floods in Greenland in the past years.

In an interview conducted by Sermitsiaq newspaper Sussane Eliassen "the member of the village council", reported that there were many cracks and holes appeared in the iceberg which was likely to break anytime.

Denise Holland, the logistics coordinator for NYU's Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Global Sea Level Change, filmed the calving event.

New York University professor David Holland, an expert in atmospheric and ocean science, said:"This is the largest event we've seen in over a decade in Greenland".

However, Mr. Holland says the time-lapse video has been speeded up 20 times, but still shows quite clearly how "3 percent of the annual ice loss of Greenland occur in 30 minutes", according to ABC News.

"It sounded like rockets going off", he said.

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