What Is Canine Heart Disease? Check Dog Food for These Ingredients

FDA issues warning over dog food high in vegetables, could lead to heart issues

Heart Disease in Dogs May be Tied to Certain Foods

The FDA is alerting pet owners about a heart condition that can develop in dogs eating certain pet food containing peas, lentils, or potatoes.

The FDA is not naming specific brands, but say foods high in vegetable content appears to be the problem.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning certain ingredients can lead to heart disease in dogs.

Food based on peas, lentils, or potatoes is being linked to canine dilated cardiomyopathy, or enlarged hearts.

Large dogs such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards and Doberman Pinschers have a genetic risk for canine DCM, a disease of the heart muscle that often leads to congestive heart failure. "Taurine deficiency is well documented as potentially leading to DCM", the FDA said.

The government agency launched an investigation after noticing atypical cases of the disease in breeds that are not genetically susceptible, including golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers and miniature schnauzers, as well as mixed breeds.

The FDA said it is contacting pet food manufacturing companies and veterinarians about this potential link.

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