New Jersey woman charged with hacking Selena Gomez's email

Selena Gomez's Email Hacked Several Times in 2015 and 2016, NJ Woman Charged

Selena Gomez Email Hacker Charged In L.A.

She now faces 11 felony criminal counts - including five felony counts of identity theft; another five felony counts of accessing and using computer data to commit fraud or to control or obtain money, property or data; and one felony count of accessing and using computer data or taking supporting documentation without permission.

Selena Gomez's social media accounts have been targeted multiple times by hackers in the past few years. Selena Gomez wouldn't be the first celebrity to see her hacker off to prison; one in particular is doing bid for stealing digital property from Christina Aguilera, Renee Olstead and Scarlett Johansson.

Prosecutors say the suspect accessed Gomez's iCloud and Yahoo accounts from June 2015 to February 2016, and eventually shared the signer's private media online.

Gomez was the victim of another computer hacking in 2017, when someone accessed her Instagram account and posted nude photos of her former boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Atrach is slated to hear the charges against her by August 27 in Los Angeles; authorites are seeking $250,000 bail on the woman.

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that Susan Atrach did not reap any financial rewards for the personal information she stole. The pictures were reportedly taken back in 2015 during the Canadian's singers' trip to Bora Bora. If convicted on all eleven felony charges she now faces, Atrach would be required to complete a 9 years prison sentence, barring any special clauses.

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