Microsoft Unveils the Xbox One Sport White Special Edition Controller

New product pages for the Xbox Store are now available to Xbox Insiders

Microsoft brings new product pages to the Xbox Store

Along with its striking paint job, it has the same textured palm grips that debuted on the Patrol Tech and Combat Tech special edition controllers.

During Microsoft's recent edition of Inside Xbox, the latest special edition controller for the Xbox One was revealed and it looks quite sleek.

A matching Xbox Pro Charging Stand will also be available from Controller Gear for $49.99 on 7th August, the same date that the Xbox Wireless Controller Sport White Special Edition will be available worldwide. With the new update Xbox One gamers will notice that the Store UI has been reorganised in order to deliver a more streamlined experience which carries "new integrated product details pages", according to the firm. The Sport White Xbox One controller is gonna be right up your alley. In fact, it's almost all white, save for a few dots of color near the face buttons and some mint, gray, and silver accents. This, like other changing stands you've likely encountered throughout the years, comes with a rechargeable battery you slot in the back of your controller instead of a pair of AA batteries.

The Sport White controller will be launching first at Microsoft Stores and select retailers in the USA and Canada on July 31. Players who purchase the controller in certain countries will also get a 14 day trial for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. If you like for your charging stand and your controller to match, then these two items go hand-in-hand with one another.

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