HTC to release world's first 'blockchain smart phone' later this year

HTC’s blockchain phone is real and it’s arriving later this year		
	Brian Heater

   	7 hours

HTC’s blockchain phone is real and it’s arriving later this year Brian Heater @ 7 hours

In the statement, the company indicated that CryptoKitties will first be available on the U12+, which is an HTC flagship phone launched on the market in June. As a result, the Taiwan-based firm intends to lay off 1,500 employees in an attempt to bring its bottom line to a more sustainable level.

CryptoKitties is now only available on desktop operating systems, and HTC's downloadable app would be the world's first mobile version of the collectible game, a company spokesperson said.

Nothing is yet known about the technical specifications and further details of the HTC Exodus.

As per the key features of the HTC Exodus flaunted on the site, it will work with multiple protocols to enable interoperability between different blockchains, provide a streamlined mobile user experience to the DApp community, and offer a user-friendly experience.

Things aren't going so well for HTC at the moment (or over the last couple of years, really), and the company is looking for a way to right the ship.

While the end goal is to create a truly decentralized phone where you own all of your identity and all of your data, Chen says such a device is still a ways off.

He's been an Android fan ever since owning an HTC Hero, with the Dell Streak being his first phablet. HTC's Exodus is similar to Sirin Lab's Finney, which is the world's first blockchain smartphone.

Saying that it will make decentralization a reality, HTC bragged in a corporate web post that "we believe we can help reshape the internet with the HTC Exodus". On July 11, HTC in Hong Kong officially announced the smartphone, now ready to arrive on the market.

In terms of the unexpected CryptoKitty support, the executive hopes that the gamification of the blockchain will entice "no-coiners" to give the Exodus a shot.

HTC would like us to know that it's not kidding about that blockchain phone.

Earlier this week, HTC released some specs about their upcoming phone called the Exodus, and an estimated release date. It remains to be seen exactly how the connection to the rest of the system, which of course also has online access in the HTC Exodus, will look.

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