Greyhound cancels Northern Ontario routes west of Sudbury


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Yesterday (Monday), Greyhound Canada said it would cancel all B.C. routes except for one: the USA -run route between Vancouver and Seattle; however, all routes in Ontario and Quebec will remain except for the Trans-Canada service west of Sudbury, Ont.

"But simply put, the issue that we have seen is the routes in rural parts of Canada-specifically Western Canada-are just not sustainable anymore".

Mohammed Idriss says the small city of Brooks in southern Alberta will get more isolated when Greyhound bus service ends across Western Canada in the fall.

The minister responsible for the now defunct Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) cited the beheading of a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus in Manitoba 10 years ago as the point where bus ridership began to slip in the province.

Greyhound Canada has long advocated for a community funding model to allow any private carrier to bid on essential rural services, he added. Those cancellations went into effect June 1.

Numbers started to decline again in 2012, beginning a steady drop in riders until the company's closure in 2017.

Rick Chrest, the mayor of Brandon, Man., said it's a blow for people who don't own vehicles because there is no rail service in many areas and access to passenger airlines is limited.

Without intervention from other bus operators as well as federal and provincial governments, Cassidy said the "ad hoc" services that he thinks will surely crop up in Greyhound's absence will be insufficient.

"We never argued with that, we just said 'if that's what you feel is right.' Because we wanted to make sure that those employees were right", said Hargrave. The only route remaining will be in British Columbia, a US -run service between Vancouver and Seattle. "I sympathize with those who will lose their jobs as a result of discontinuation of bus service; however, this challenging situation may also present an opportunity for a First Nations led initiative to provide safe, reliable and professional passenger bus service throughout Manitoba and elsewhere".

The recent Greyhound cancellations would create a massive gap in transit services and leave many communities stranded.

The only route still operating in Northeast the Edmonton to Dawson Creek bus, which will be shut down.

Kasper Transportation said starting October 31 it plans to add routes linking Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, Winnipeg to Thompson and Winnipeg to Regina, Saskatchewan and Prince Albert.

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