Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara brands his girlfriend a ‘piece of trash’

Clara McGregor left called her dad Ewan McGregor's girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead right a

Ewan McGregor’s daughter calls his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead a ‘piece of trash’

Since it's a Winstead fan page, numerous comments that followed were negative toward Clara - while some others - like one from a user named Lunaperiods, pointed out that "it takes two to tango and Ewan clearly wanted it to happen".

And how can we tell? After a Winstead fan Instagram account praised the actress as "the most lovely and talented woman on earth", Clara responded with a not-so-nice comment. "Clara wrote in the comments to a headshot posted in late June." oh man y'all are delusional.

Clara isn't the first or only daughter to slam her dad's relationship.

Shortly afterward, Ewan revealed that'd he'd split from his wife of 20 years, Eve Mavrakis, 51, with whom he has four daughters: Clara, Esther, 15, Jamyan, 17, and Anouk, 7.

In February she shared a photo of her as a youngster being cradled by her mother Eva, with father Ewan's arm wrapped around her.

But it was the caption that caught fans" attention as the model simply said "Vingt-deux et nostalgique", which, when translated from French, means, "Twenty-two and nostalgic'. Strongest, smartest most loving woman I know.

He filed for divorce in January this year, something his wife called "disappointing and upsetting" in an exclusive chat with the Sun On Sunday. After seeing photos of McGregor and Winstead kissing, she wrote, "Seeing those pictures, they're making me cry".

There you have it guys - Clara, Queen of the not-so-subtle shade.

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