Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members have agreed to spending increases

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Trump tells Nato chief that Germany is"totally controlled by Russia

"And yet, he came into the news conference and declared victory", Bays said.

Trump adds that he was "extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment". "And then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russian Federation where they're paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russian Federation", he said.

But in the wake of the hours of urgent, Trump-created chaos, it was unclear whether leaders had agreed to anything new.

Other leaders, however, played down the extent to which they went beyond existing commitments to increase contributions to their own defence, as Trump demanded they share more of what he calls an unfair burden on USA taxpayers in funding an alliance focused on discouraging pressure from a resurgent Moscow.

In 2011, when the United States was still heavily involved in Afghanistan and Iraq, defence spending was at 4.78% of GDP. Only eight countries will hit the bar this year, and seven more have unveiled roadmaps to meet goal on time.

Following the summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was careful not to contradict the president's claim of a substantial increase in spending but was only able to directly point to members' existing 2 percent commitments.

Member states had already agreed, dating back in 2014, to increase their base level defense spending to 2 percent. But he did not rule out recognising Rissia's annexation of Crimea.

German Chancellor Merkel hit back immediately, not only denying Trump's contention but suggesting that his comfortable upbringing in the USA gave him no standing to spout off on the world stage about Germany.

Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian premier who Trump said gave him "total credit" for a successful summit, told reporters: "We had a very frank and open discussion ..." The Lithuania defense minister, who was speaking at a (unintelligible) event yesterday said, I regard this as something in the family.

"It will be over a relatively short period of years", Trump said.

"It's a horrific thing being done where you're feeding billions and billions of dollars from Germany. into the coffers of Russian Federation when we're trying to do something so that we have peace in the world".

"We understand this U.S. president is very serious about defence spending and this is having an impact", Stoltenberg said. And he said then they will get that approval.

"Secondly, if the president and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment at top priority of the meeting in Helsinki, then the summit should be cancelled", the Democratic senator said. Many have been in preparation for at least six months, having been endorsed by ambassadors, foreign and defense ministers to make it easier for the leaders to put pen to paper.

The demands sent "everyone into a tailspin", according to a third diplomat briefed on the morning's events. But I said, ultimately we should be - in years in advance, we should be at 4 percent.

French President Emmanuel Macron denied there were any new spending commitments. "Everybody confirmed this trajectory", Macron told reporters after the meetings.

"All allies are increasing defense spending".

"I'm sorry, they're for White House staff", they were told as they tried to grab vacant seats at the front.

Despite that, Stoltenberg had been forced to call an extraordinary session of all 29 allies to discuss Trump's demands, in what officials said was one of the first of its kind at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit for a decade. "Russian Federation is a permanent member of the [United Nations] Security Council, it's a nuclear weapons state, it has global reach, whether it's in the Middle East, the Korean peninsula, or elsewhere, and I think it behooves us to have that kind of dialogue", he said. The president replied, "I think I probably can, but that's unnecessary".

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