TicWatch Pro with 'Layered Display' now available for $249

The 'dual-screen' Ticwatch Pro costs $250

TicWatch Pro aims to tackle smartwatch battery life with an always-on second screen

The dual-display smartwatch was first shown off earlier this year, and now it's available to buy.

Between these features and a handsome case design, Mobvoi might have finally crafted a smartwatch I'd care to wear.

Back in May, the TicWatch Pro was unveiled with a pair of displays, impressive battery life, and Google's Wear OS on board.

Do you plan on picking up the TicWatch Pro? If you need full smartwatch capabilities, the circular 1.39-inch 400×400 OLED screen is your main display. On top of that, quite literally, is another display, though. The secondary panel is a monochrome FSTN panel, similar to the LCD panels you get on traditional digital watches. The OLED display shows Wear OS in all its glory, while the FTSN display keeps it simple and shows your heart rate, step count, and the time. The former screen handles normal data readouts while the latter one handles always-on time display.

This display setup works in two modes. The top layer is transparent when it's not activated, and you can just see the color display running Wear OS. The FSTN display is also great for outdoor use. On a full charge, Essential mode can last up to thirty days, according to the company. When it reaches low battery, or when you want to, the watch can switch to Essential mode. The watch can still track steps and your heart rate in this mode.

You can now pick up Mobvoi's TicWatch Pro smartwatch from Amazon. It does all of this with a 415mAh battery packed inside of the watch.

Previously announced in China, the Ticwatch Pro is now officially coming to other countries including the US, UK and Australia. The bezel and rear cover are stainless steel, with a hard nylon (polyamide) reinforced with glass fiber case. There's also the standard health and fitness sensors: accelerometer, gyro, ambient light sensor, low latency off-body sensor, and a magnetic sensor.

The Ticwatch Pro runs Google's Wear OS, so at its core you should get much the same experience as you do on the majority of smartwatches.

As for the specs, the Ticwatch Pro has a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, all of which are standard smartwatch specs.

All of this arrives for just $249, undercutting a lot of other major options available today. It costs $250 and is available to buy on Amazon starting Tuesday (update: it's now sold out).

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