Sacha Baron Cohen hits back in character at 'fake news' Sarah Palin

Sacha Baron Cohen's U.S. TV show disrupts ahead of first broadcast

Sacha Baron Cohen pranks Sarah Palin for new show

Sarah Palin is totally wrong about what happened when Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed her - at least according to Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick. the character Sacha was playing at the time.

"Who is America?", due to launch on Sunday on cable channel Showtime, has been shrouded in secrecy apart from a trailer showing former USA defense secretary Dick Cheney signing a large bottle described as a water-boarding kit.

Baron Cohen, er, Mr. Ruddick Jr., refers to himself as the CEO of a website called, and claims the former Alaska governor has fallen victim to media lies, adding, "I do believe you have been hit by a bullshit grenade and are now bleedin' FAKE NEWS". His 2006 faux documentary film "Borat" ridiculed Kazakhstan and Middle Americans. In her post, she didn't say exactly what he did, but a source familiar with the interview told People that "the last straw" was a question about "a government-funded sex-change operation for Chelsea Clinton".

Showtime has no comment.

Suffice to say, the former vice presidential candidate was not amused by her encounter with Cohen, calling him a "piece of ****". She said she was especially incensed that he had posed as a disabled military vet.

Palin had claimed Cohen disguised himself as a "disabled U.S. veteran" during the interview before she walked out.

Walsh, who has strong pro-Israel views, said he was invited to a dinner for defenders of Israel and asked to film an interview. "Strangest interview of my life". Given Palin's reaction and this huge show of dedication to the character, we frankly can't wait to check out Who Is America?

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