Instagram update adds question stickers for Stories

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Instagram Stories getting more interactive with new ‘Question Sticker’ conversation starters

For example, in the screenshot above, you could roast the story-poster in as much excruciating detail as you'd like.

Another Instagram update dropped while we were sleeping-and it is a new interactive sticker for your Instagram Stories called "Questions". The new questions sticker offers a bit more room for users to ask open-ended questions that have more than two answer options and it allows their followers to come up with their own unique responses as well.

"Add a question sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video", the company wrote in a blog post. Decorate the story however you like then hit "share". The "questions" sticker is then available in the first few rows of the stickers. A text box appears below the user-submitted question, where other users that are viewing the Instagram story can initiate a conversation with the person posting the story.

When friends see it they can tap on the sticker in order to ask you a question. Fortunately though, Instagram will keep the identity of the users private when the post is shared in a new story, although the original user can still see the identity of the person that asked the question. You can find all of their questions by checking out your viewers' list, very similar to how you view results to your IG polls. If you share a follower's response in a new story, their photo and user name won't be visible.

To see the votes yourself, just swipe up, and the full list will be shown.

For iOS, users will also be shown a blue alignment tool to help you centre your stickers.

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