HUD to ban smoking in public housing

According to WFAA, the ban was first announced back in November 2016, but housing agencies had until July 31, 2018 to enact the ban.

The policy states that no smoking will be allowed within 25 feet of any public housing or inside the building.

Smoking will no longer be allowed inside public housing nationwide starting on July 31. Each housing agency can also create additional smoke-free areas if they choose. The ban does not apply to e-cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco, although there may be restrictions on those in some areas. Under HUD rules, tenants can be evicted after three smoking violations.

In announcing the ban, administration officials emphasized the dangers of secondhand smoke to children, saying it can increase the risk of asthma, ear infections, even sudden infant death syndrome.

The Hazard Housing Authority has HUD housing available and has already implemented the new policy. That amount includes $16 million in costs associated with smoking-related fires.

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